New Band: ツキ酔ノ戯レ言 (tsukiyo no zaregoto)

So here’s a new band that I’m keeping my eye on. They have a name that’s going to be more-than-a-little bit annoying to refer to in conversation (tsukiyo no zaregoto), but their look is absolutely phenomenal. This is the type of style that attracted me to visual kei to begin with, way back when. Minato, in particular, just looks all kinds of badass. On the other hand, I’ve learned my lesson about getting too excited for a band based only on their look, so I tried to ground my expectations when listening to the track samples. What we have here, it seems, are some incredibly talented guitarists, but a somewhat-lacking vocalist. Maybe I shouldn’t even say that — it’s not that the vocals are bad. They’re just a bit weak, and they seem to be trying to head in a different direction than the instrumentals are. The instruments seem to demand a darker or stronger voice, and when they don’t get it, things just sound a bit… off. Then again, the clip are all really short, so there isn’t too much to go off of. I do see potential in the band, though. It’s music I’d listen to, if nothing amazing. And there’s always the opportunity for growth.

tsukiyo1 tsukiyo2

tsukiyo3 tsukiyo4 tsukiyo5

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