New Band: Yusai (Ex-Zin)

Okay, so they’re not really a new band, but Zin has been on a kind-of-sort-of hiatus for a while, and this is their re-branding. They’re coming out of the gates strong, with a PV preview and everything. It’s awesome too — if you were a fan of Zin, you’re going to be a fan of Yusai. The sound is definitely similar, and I have no doubt that the band is going to put out some great stuff under their new name.

I’m also going to go on record and say that I absolutely adore Yusai’s look. It has a darker edge to it, but the outfits are extremely detailed. It’s kind of a twisted take on a lot of traditional elements, blended with elements typical of visual kei. Orochi probably has my favorite look of the bunch, because I’m a sucker for that kind of facial makeup. Part of what makes the looks so good though, is that they fit together cohesively while also standing out as unique from one another. Bonus points for Saku’s hair color. And by the way… is it just me, or would Yoshi make a perfect Kefka, in a live-action adaption of Final Fantasy VI? o.O

yusai4  yusai3  yusai2  yusai1

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