New PV + Single Preview: LONDBOY – エグゼ (EXE)

I like LONDBOY. Their songs tend to have a lot of energy, and to have some small amount of influence of electronica, leading to a unique sound.  I wouldn’t call their latest output, EXE their best work, but it’s catchy, and I do really like it. It’s a bit unusual to see the guys so lacking of color; they kind of have a Beetlejuice look going in this video, but I guess I can dig it. Kanade, in particular, is still really cute here.

If you were wondering though, no, the song isn’t six minutes long. The final couple of minutes are for demonstrating the additional three songs that come on the B-Type of the single (only one of which will be on the A-type.) Regarding these songs… they’re also not bad. Die’s M sounds especially promising.

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