New Album + PV Preview: iNSOMNiA – REM

JOKER is one of my favorite PVs of the year. I think it was that good, and it put iNSOMNiA on my radar immediately. They’ve released a single but that wasn’t enough to give me a good opinion on them. So I’m really excited about the prospect of a full album, ARCANA, coming out. It’s not going to be here until the end of Winter (March 13th, to be exact), but this sample of one of the tracks, REM, is so, so good. And what makes it all the better, is that these guys aren’t actually from any previous bands. They were roadies! Ameno worked for SuG, while Aoya and Rai worked for NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST.) Talk about moving up in the world, right? And this is apparently Yua’s first band. Way to start of sprinting, guys!

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