New Look + Album Preview: MORRIGAN – Tranquilizer

The first song, Tranquilizer (0:00 – 1:55) has a pretty awesome slow-build to it, and I think the background instrumentals really accentuate the lyrics to give the whole track an epic feel to it. The second song, ASPIRIN (1:55 – 3:18) ) doesn’t have the same deeply-rooted emotion to it, but it’s still a good-sounding piece of music. MORRIGAN doesn’t always hit homeruns, but they’re a pretty talented band, and they’re usually solid. The third song featured, which I can’t read the name of, has… an entirely different type of energy to it. It starts off with just mildly disturbing vocals and instrumentals that are kind of reminiscent of Marilyn Manson. The song that changes tempo and beat to something like a power-rock track, before transitioning into MORRIGAN’s typical sound. It seems to be experimental, and it should be fun to hear the full track.




And that Is all I have to say about that.

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