Album Preview: Codomo Dragon – WOLFMAN

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a few days now, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and give it the listen that it deserves. Now that I’ve done so, I’m actually pretty excited about this. The preview gives a sample of all twelve tracks on the album, and… it’s really promising, actually. I first had my attention turned to Codomo Dragon last year, when they released Family Party with Royz and Kiryu. Now, that album almost wasn’t fair to Royz or Codomo Dragon: Mahiro’s voice is just way too powerful to share the stage evenly with another vocalist. It’s not even necessarily about quality: it’s about the way his voice sounds, the tone of it, and the strength of it. Subaru and Hayato were both forced to compete against that, and… well… It worked, and it didn’t. It worked in that Family Party was one of the best albums of the entire year. But it failed n that the spotlight was stolen from them, even though they both put in stellar performances in their own right.

And now, it’s Hayato (along with the rest of Codomo Dragon)’s chance to shine. I’m really pumped for this, having looked back at their other music since the release of last year’s collaborative album. I’ve become a fan!

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