New Band: Noulla

A new band, by the name of Noulla, has formed. And they look cool as hell! It’s interesting, because while I wouldn’t call the members of the band physically attractive, they definitely have a style that looks good individually as well as part of the whole. My favorite look is probably Zin’s, because he’s managing to pull off the whole unhinged-look really, really well. Kei is also kind of a badass, with the half-open shirt and oni tattoo. I couldn’t tell you just by looking if their music is going to be any good, but I’m kind of hoping that it is, because I want to like these guys. The only thing that concerns me is that they seem to lack a drummer. That’s… kind of a problem, actually. The band lineup is as follows:

Vocals: Zin
Guitar: Kei
Guitar: TEM
Bass: Rin

noulla1  noulla2 noulla3 noulla4

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