Mizuki (RAVE) Has Passed Away

Mizuki, of RAVE, has passed away. The band’s official announcement of this was translated by hiroki, over at Monochrome Heaven. I have nothing to add to this sad news except that Mikuru’s family and friends, as well as the members of RAVE have my sincerest personal condolences. 

To all fans of RAVE:
We had announced in August that RAVE’s guitarist Mikuru will be indefinitely pausing band activities. Following further medical examinations he was forced to undergo long-term treatment.
He was determined to return to resume band activities and fought hard against his illness, but unfortunately he passed away on 2016/10/26 4.51am.
We respect Mikuru’s wishes to not disclose details of his illness.
This is a notification to everyone who loves RAVE and Mikuru, for whose support we are extremely grateful.
The wake and funeral were held for family and close friends only. Fans can attend flower-laying ceremonies which will be held in Fukuoka where Mikuru grew up, as well as in Tokyo.
The remaining members of RAVE will carry Mikuru’s dreams and do their best to bring RAVE forward. Please continue to support the band.”

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