New Band + PV Preview: RAZOR – RED INVISIBLE


Earlier this year, BORN disbanded, and it was sad for a number of reasons. For one, it’s uncommon for bands to stick around as long as BORN did. For another, the band disippated because of Ryouga’s “low motivation”; and calling things as they are, Ryouga basically ended Ray’s music career by disbanding BORN. So that sucks. On the bright side, Ryouga, at least, is on to another project, and we have a preview of his new band’s first mini-album.

ANOTHER is a pretty heavy track, with lots of gutterals; but the gutterals sound almost clean, if that’s even possible. The track has a fast-paced rhythm, and I’m getting the impression that the drums and guitar sections are going to be really good in the full version. PRIMARY starts out as the complete opposite in terms of vocal-style, and it shows Ryouga’s range. There’s a switch in emotion, but the preview ends too early for me to really get a feel for it. MISSING PIECE has a really interesting sound to it. There’s a reverberation, or an echo to the instruments, and it makes the whole thing sound a little trippy. There’s a lot of vocal sound effects in the background, lots of “ooohs”, and the sound is just… unique. Unique and fun.

And if Ryouga is showing a wide vocal range in the other songs on the list, RED ZONE puts the exclamation point on this effect. There’s so much happening in this song, that I can’t wait to hear the full version. The new album, RED INVISIBLE, will be released on November 30th.

razor1 razor2
razor3 razor4 razor5

And regarding the band’s look: I can dig it. Ryouga and Tsurugi both look really cool, and Iza is kind of hot. Kouryu is creepy-looking, which isn’t a bad thing. I should probably mention Tetsuya too, since I mentioned everyone else… Well. He looks okay too. There we go.

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