So, a new band was announced this week, and this one is probably going to be worth following more closely though, because of the members in the band. The guitarist, Gotaro, was a former member of LAGNA, while drummer, BAN, was in both LOUD GRAPE and Lolita23q. You will know the vocalist, Hayato, for his titular role in Naruto. But hey, don’t judge the band based on who’s in it; they’ve released a trailer for one of their songs on Twitter. It’s a bit softer than I usually like, but I feel like the rhythm really hits the mark.

Still waiting on an official website, and on individual band member profiles, but even without these sources of information, the band has a mini oneman live show scheduled for December. So, they are putting themselves out there. And despite my teasing, I actually do like the look of the band, based off of the one image that’s been released.

Band member history courtesy of Visual Kei and J-Rock Forever:

Vocal: Shibuya hayato (ex-東京指定(Tokyo Shitei) → ASTRO BOY → PLANET BOi)
Guitar: Kemen (ex-デンキホーテ(Denquixote) → End;Re(SOU), now in sith.(rain))
Guitar: KAI (ex-LiZ → DOPES.)
Bass: Gotaro (ex-ホストラブ(Host Love) → DragonWAPPPPPPER → 4tune_UNIT → LAGNA)
Drums: BAN (ex-酔奴隷(Yoidorei) → 少女-ロリヰタ-23区(Lolita23q) → LOUD GRAPE, now in 少女-ロリヰタ-23区(Lolita23q))

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