Band Spotlight: Anfiel

My first exposure to Anfiel came in the form of the Lava music video. The guitar and drums at the start of the song are full of energy, and they lead into the rhythmic vocals by Shogo. The more videos you watch of these guys, the more you’ll realize that Shogo hasn’t had much time to practice being the frontman of a major, successful band; but a few endearingly awkward dance moves aside, Anfiel has both the style and the sound. There’s a lot of criticism directed towards the visual kei scene, stemming from a perceived lack of originality. I obviously don’t agree with that, but all the same, Anfiel really stands out as something special. I see enormous potential in them.

Anfiel’s songs tend to have a sound that’s just a tad softer than many of their fellow contemporary bands. There exists, also, a pattern of borrowing from non-rock music genres, such as jazz — not unlike ExistTrace’s Virgin album. The songs tend to be grounded by Shogo’s vocals, but his range is pretty incredible.


If you haven’t listened to them yet, you should. They’ve only released one studio album so far, but they also have a few singles on the market. It’s early enough in their career that getting your hands on everything shouldn’t be too difficult. Aside from Lava, which is embedded above, I also highly recommend checking out the videos for Step bye Step and Red&Black. And it doesn’t have an MV, but Charming Love is super-catchy too.

Plus, can we take a minute to appreciate how adorable Hal’s smile is? Daww!

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