Super Mario Maker - Perplex Caverns

Perplex Caverns was the first stage that I made after toying around with Super Mario Maker, and unlocking all of the stage pieces. It's received a number of comments, and most people seem to really like it. As the name implies, it's a puzzle-based stage built on the New Super Mario Bros. set. It's a bit more gimmicky than Nintendo is likely to put out, but it's not meant to be too much of a headscratcher. You can check it out by inserting the stage ID in-game, or by bookmarking it.

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ID: AC83-0000-0157-A6A1

Super Mario Maker - Frenetic Factory

Frenetic Factory is the most recent level I've made for Super Mario Maker. I haven't pushed it on any forums, so it hasn't had too many plays, but I'm actually really proud of it. There are some puzzle elements, as well as some dodge-based platforming, but what I think makes it really unique is the way the Super Mario Bros. 3 set is used for aesthetic effect, to make an area that feels like an industrial complex.

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ID: F9E6-0000-01F5-8A59