I'm on Fire

Posted by Reverse on 11-30-16

So, I was looking through my Google Drive for something today, and I happened across something I made a long time ago. Now, it's not the best code I've ever written (I actually wrote it as a way to practice C and Allegro, way back when), but it's still kind of cool. It's a particle system for fire. I wouldn't necessarily call it realistic-looking fire, but I aimed to make it aesthetically pleasing. Because let's face it, I'm not much of an artist or an animator, and the only way this was going to happen was through code.

Anywho, I added it to my portfolio. You can have a look at a couple of video demos, and download the source code if you like. It's offered under the MIT license, so you're free to do anything you like with it, basically.

Let's Build Robots!

Posted by Reverse on 11-29-16

Today I received some excellent news: I've been hired by Boston Public Schools to teach robotics to elementary school students. I interviewed for the position earlier this month, at the Office of Opportunity & Achievement Gaps, and I thought the interview went very well. The position seems legitimately interesting, and I'm really grateful to have this opportunity. I'm excited about starting next month!

Earthquake Safety at IEEE VR 2017

Posted by Reverse on 11-22-16

During the Summer, I was part of a team working on an interesting research study. We created a set of virtual environments (design for use with the HTC Vive), and implemented earthquake simulations. Our goal was to show that, in general, virtual drills are more effective than traditional safety drills. Some research had already been done on this topic, but our searches produced few rigorous tests, or practical implementations.

Our user study, I'm proud to say, went very well: so well, that our paper has been accepted for presentation at IEEE VR 2017 in March. Though I'm not the first author for this paper, it will be my first major publication, and I'm pretty excited by it!